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Welcome to Three Doors’ Affiliate Investor Group

Three Doors is the #1 real estate investment brokerage in St. Louis. As a company built by investors for investors, we will provide you with the tools and resources needed to achieve your goals. We share your vision of success!

Built on 3 Principles


Success starts with knowledge. We provide you with the following resources to learn the latest trends and best practices.

  • 10 Online Modules of REI Education
  • Live Weekly Training
  • Over 200 Elective Trainings
  • Access to Technology
  • Contract to Close Selling Systems
  • Hands-On Experience


Be a part of a small group of like-minded peers with varying levels of experience for creative brainstorming, guidance, and accountability.

  • Weekly Goal Tracking Meeting
  • Compete for Monthly KPI Prizes
  • Mentor with our REI Experts
  • Joint Venture Opportunites


Deals are built around connections. Your partnership with Three Doors gives you the opportunity to connect with hundreds of new contacts, allowing you to grow your business faster and smarter.

  • Three Doors Networking Events
  • Three Doors Team Events
  • Access to Additional REI Events
  • Access to Hundreds of New Vendors