Three Doors Offer

Questions? We have answers.

Requesting and Receiving Offers

What information do I need to provide?

We ask you to include the home’s address and some basic details such as the year built, square footage, the home’s value, and any information regarding updates and upgrades done on the home. Equally beneficial are photos of the interior and exterior of the home. In just a few short minutes you can answer the questions and submit your request.

How long does it take to get offers back?

After submitting your request, it takes approximately two business days for us to prepare an offer. You will have three business days to respond before the offer expires. If your offer expires and you’re still interested in selling, we can update the offer at your convenience.

How does Three Doors Properties determine the amount to offer?

Three Doors Properties considers multiple factors such as current home condition, recent updates, and valuation of one of our professional full trained real estate agents. Additionally, potential costs of renovations or repairs are factored in.

Can I negotiate my offer?

Only when there is missing or incorrect information will Three Doors Properties consider repricing the home if the added or corrected information impacts the value of the home.

Do I need to include photos of my home?

Photos are beneficial but not required. We do not need professional photos and require no clean up or prep – simply use your smartphone!

How are my photos and contact information shared?

Your information and photos will only be viewed by Three Doors Properties and our agents. We do not share your information with any third parties unless you request us to do so.

Choosing An Offer

I received my offer – what do I do next?

Wait for a call from one of our agents do go through your offer. Your offer is valid for three days, and you may contact your respected agent should you have any additional questions.

What if I don’t like my offer?

With Three Doors Properties Offers there are no obligations. It’s completely up to you! You can choose to accept our offer and sell your home or you can choose not to accept and list with a local agent. If you are dissatisfied we encourage all homeowners to discuss their options with a real estate professional.

If I express interest in Three Doors Properties’ offer, am I obligated to sell my home?

Expressing interest in Three Door’s Properties Offer doesn’t obligate you to sell your home. You are under no obligation until you’ve signed a sale contract. If the price changes after we complete a home inspection, for example, you can decline the offer. We encourage all homeowners to review and discuss your options with a real estate professional.

I’d like to proceed with Three Doors Properties’ offer. Do I need an agent?

If you are not already working with a real estate agent, we can provide one to you to help you review your offer, prepare any required documents, and lead you through the inspection and closing process.

I didn’t receive an offer. Why?

Not all home meet the Three Doors Properties Offers requirements. If your home doesn’t receive an offer, but you are still interested in selling, consider listing with an agent. We can help point you in the right direction with a local agent.

Inspection and Closing

Do I need an inspection? Who pays for it?

As industry standard, Three Doors Properties will conduct an inspection before agreeing on a final price for your home. Three Doors Properties will be responsible for scheduling and paying for the inspection.

When does the inspection happen?

An inspection will be scheduled shortly after you have agreed upon your initial offer price, and before the sale contract is finalized.

Will the cost of repairs be factored into the offer?

As industry standard, the home’s condition is always taken into account when calculating an offer. When Three Doors Properties Offers to buy your home, our initial offer will cover our best estimate of the work required in order to resell the house in move-in-ready condition, based on the information and images you’ve provided.

Any hidden or previously unknown damages and repairs at the time of the inspection will be deducted from the initial offer. Thus the final sale contract will reflect the lower price.

How soon will I close once I accept an offer?

A Three Doors Properties agent will work with you in determining the final closing date that works for you.

If Three Doors Properties buys my home, will I be able to close faster?

In general, you can close in as little as five or as many as 90 days after the sale contract is signed.

Who can I talk to if I have questions?

Sellers using Three Doors Properties Offers are provided a professional and fully trained Three Doors Properties agent who is there to guide them along the entire process and answer any questions.

What if I’m dissatisfied with the process of selling my home to Three Doors Properties?

If you have any issues with the sale, we encourage you to reach out to your Three Doors Properties agent to find a resolution. If the issue is within Three Doors Properties control we can work directly with you or your representative. If it is beyond the scope of Three Doors Properties we will happily connect to you another resource.