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Posts by Elise Dye

Three Doors Affiliate: Brittany Sheffer Testimonial

Hi guys. I’m Brittany Sheffer. I’m with Peace, Love, Sold Properties and I’m an agent at Three Doors. I buy sell, and rehab properties. And I started with Three Doors five years ago and they have brought me to where I am today. They’ve taught me everything I know. And if you’re ever interested in…

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Three Doors Affiliate: Dave Stelmacki Testimonial

Hey, what’s up everybody. Dave Stelmacki here. I am a real estate investor with Three Doors here in St. Louis. Big shout out to all my real estate friends. I’m getting ready to leave on our big three-month adventure to Mexico. A lot of people have asked me, “How are you able to do that?”…

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Making Money on a Rehab: by Brittany Sheffer from Three Doors

Hi, I’m Brittany Sheffer with Peace Love Sold Properties and I’m an agent with Three Doors. I buy, sell, and rehab properties. And today I’m gonna show you one of my current renovations and show you how to make some money. If you wanna make some money, come with me! Alright, now we’re in the…

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Three Doors Affiliate: Randall Brandt Testimonial

Hi, I’m Randall Brand with Rhinestone Properties. We are affiliates with Three Doors. We’ve been with Three Doors since the first of the year. It’s whenever we joined. We’ve partnered on a couple of wholesales, I’ve bought a few properties from them. They’re very instrumental in the development of young real estate professionals. And I…

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Three Doors Affiliate: Greg Mans Testimonial

Greg Mans, with UpRight Construction. We’ve been licensed, insured, and bonded as a general contractor for over a decade. The reason I’ve joined up with Three Doors is for basically three reasons: They have a team of very knowledgeable investors. They have people that are always on the hunt for brand new properties. And they…

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