About Three Doors

Throughout history, doors and doorways have served as a metaphor for opportunities and choices.  Three Doors means “more doors, more options.”  With our team of agents and investors working together, we provide multiple real estate solutions for our clients.


A Unique Collaboration of Three Groups

  • Real Estate Brokerage

    Local real estate agents offering clients several solutions when buying and selling homes.

  • Investment Company

    An investment team that is actively buying and selling properties.

  • Affiliate Investors

    Individual investors running their own investment companies utilizing our education and resources.

Kenton Coffman

Senior Real Estate Specialist/Former Army Officer

Phone: (314) 435-3919

E-mail: kcoffman@threedoors.com

Kevin Dairaghi

Professional Problem Solver

Phone: (314) 413-3607

E-mail: kdairaghi@threedoors.com

Kevin Darr

Licensed Agent

Phone: (314) 780-3090

E-mail: kdarr@threedoors.com

Jason Dietiker


Phone: (636) 515-9847

E-mail: jdietiker@threedoors.com

Adam Droege

Licensed Agent

Phone: (314) 807-0848

E-mail: adroege@threedoors.com

Michelle Droege

Licensed Agent

Phone: (314) 807-2698

E-mail: mdroege@threedoors.com

Elise Dye

Systems Manager

E-mail: edye@threedoors.com

Kory Hannah


Phone: (573) 280-7561

E-mail: khannah@threedoors.com

Darren Hoefgen


Phone: (314) 909-3303

E-mail: dheofgen@threedoors.com

Amie Hull

Licensed Agent

Phone: (660) 582-1714

E-mail: amie.hannah@outlook.com

Sheri Kelley


E-mail: skelley@threedoors.com

Debbie Kopinski

Project Manager

E-mail: dkopinski@threedoors.com

Jim Manning

Real Estate Broker

E-mail: jmanning@threedoors.com

Dee McMillion

Licensed Agent

Phone: (636) 362-6I55

E-mail: dmcmillion@threedoors.com

Michael Oliver

Phone: (636) 556-0372

E-mail: moliver@threedoors.com

Katie Sarikas

Licensed Agent

Phone: (314) 484-1126

E-mail: ksarikas@threedoors.com

Jeff Shaw


Phone: (314) 630-4386

E-mail: jshaw@threedoors.com

Brittany Sheffer


Phone: (314) 540-7975

E-mail: bsheffer@threedoors.com

Dave Stelmacki

Licensed Agent

Phone: (321) 945-6445

E-mail: jlozano@jkl.solutions.com

Joe Stratton

Real Estate Professional

Phone: (314) 608-5558

E-mail: jstratton@threedoors.com

Ryan Wessels

Licensed Agent / Investment Specialist

E-mail: rwessels@threedoors.com

Lindsay Wessels

Operations Manager

Phone: (314) 239-4975

E-mail: lwessels@threedoors.com