Network Partner Stories

Meet Kenton

Kenton came to the Three Doors Network with very little real estate experience.  Flash forward 18 months later and Kenton is is setting the world on fire.  He's on pace to completing over 50 real estate deals in just his second year full time in real estate!   Want to know the best part of all the deals?  He's partnering with Three Doors and not using any of his own money!

Meet Tonya

Tonya was a social worker in a previous life, and was able to buy an astounding 47 houses within her first 6 months of being a part of the Three Doors network!

Meet Dave and his flip: Mitchell

Dave and his wife had a dream of living out of the country, and were able to knock it off of the bucket list thanks to being a part of the network!  He's been a house buying machine since joining Three Doors and is already a very experienced investor despite only being in the industry for a couple of years!

Dave recently did a property off of mitchell.  Check out the results as well!

Meet Randall and his flip: Accomac

Randall specializes in tax credit projects in south St Louis city.  When joining the network he had a full time job, and has since been able to quit his job and get into investing full time!

Also check out the amazing job that he did recently on his property off of Accomac that he flipped!

Meet Garlanda

Garlanda is one of the most amazing individuals that you will ever meet!  Whether taking care of her family, or hustling with direct mail her kind and caring spirit is hard to match!

Meet Brittany

Brittany's first experience with Three Doors was that she bought a house with one of our agents.  A few months later we hired her as an administrative assistant.  Fast forward five years and she's worked as a buyers agent and is now flipping multiple houses a year!

Meet Dave - O

Dave (nicknamed Dave - O) is another one of our partners that started out with us with a full time job.  It took him about 18 months, but now he is a full time investor and real estate agent living the life of his dreams and helping the community in big ways.   He was instrumental last year in helping attract additional in big brothers and sisters for the charity big brothers and sisters of america.

Meet Terri and her flip: Euclid

Terri's worked her whole life for others and felt that they controlled her worth.  

She wanted to control her financial future, and believed in her heart of hears that she was worth more.   Despite all the fears of failure, losing money, being inexperienced, she was able to utilize the group to help squash these fears and now is successfully investing in real estate at a high level!

See what she thinks of our network, and also her walk through video of one of her flips off of Euclid!

Meet Jane and her flip: Oakland

Jane is a NICU nurse and a real estate investor.  Along with Terri, she is a founding member of the network when it began over 3 years ago!  Jane was ready for a career change and just needed a fresh start when she got into real estate investing.  Fast forward to today she has built her ideal life, that includes still being a NICU nurse!   Take a look at what she thinks of the network along with a flip that she did off of Oakland Ave.

Meet Caleb

Caleb's experience in real estate started working on projects with his Dad who as a general contractor for Three Doors.  He decided that he wanted to begin investing himself, and has built up an incredible rental portfolio despite only being in his middle 20's!