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See the Entire Coin

In real estate, there are typically two options when selling a home:

  • With an Agent: The majority of traditional agents focus on getting you the highest possible price for your home. While this is important, other items are often overlooked and devalued, such as the cost of a double move, closing costs, holding costs, realtor fees, and more. Depending on your situation, getting the highest possible price might not be your best option.
  • With an Investor: Real Estate investors can offer substantially better terms, but may offer a lower price point than what a homeowner can get on the market.

In the real estate industry, both agents and investors will typically try to sell you their solution regardless of what is best for you.

We believe that true intelligence lies on the edge of the coin because it’s the only place that can see both perspectives. Because Three Doors is made up of investors and agents, we are able to look at your situation from both sides and match the appropriate solution for your unique needs.

Let Us Help You Run the Numbers

  • At first glance, selling your house for $400,000 instead of $370,000 seems like a no-brainer. An extra $30,000 sounds great!
  • However, the lower offer might be a better deal once you start factoring in all the additional expenses, inconveniences, and uncertainty.
  • Each home sale has a unique set of circumstances and it is important to look at all the factors when deciding to sell.
The Good News Is...
We are your property experts and can help you make the right decision!
  • Let us work the numbers and explore multiple options when selling in St. Louis.

  • Our expert agents can list your property and get you the best price on the open market.

  • One of our investors can make a fair all-cash offer on your house today!

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