6137 Westminster Place: Property Tour by Amie Hannah

Hey guys, I’m Amie Hannah with Three Doors, standing in front of 6137 Westminster in the beautiful, historic Skinker DeBaliviere neighborhood. We’re just one block from the Delmar Loop, the good part with Pi and the Pageant. We’re just a couple blocks from WashU and a couple of blocks from Forest Park. Why don’t you come check it out?

This is a pre-restored, beautiful, six bedroom, one and a half bath house. It needs your tender love and care to bring this guy right back up to its awesomeness. Come check out, we’re going to leave the foyer area and we’re going to move right into the main living space. We have an awesome fireplace that doesn’t look functional, but check out these original hardwoods in awesome condition. Leaving the main living area with that beautiful fireplace, we’re going to walk right into the dining space. Still those beautiful hardwoods are here. We have so much natural light, like literally that window is taller than me, wider than me, it’s just gigantic. We also have leaded glass over here that is just begging for someone to take care of it. Alright, you see this wall? Take it down. In-between the dining room and what I’m going to show you is the kitchen, this would be perfect to create that open floor plan. This wall is not even needed. Come, see the kitchen. You’ll usually hear me talk about those sexy stainless-steel appliances. Well, not on this one. This kitchen needs a gut. Got to get it out of here. Right off the kitchen, you’re stepping onto a pretty new deck. We don’t know much about this house, but this deck is pretty good looking. These big old houses were not built usually with half baths on the main floor. This one is an exception. It has it right sandwiched in between that entryway that I showed you and the kitchen. It may need a little bit of love. Trust me, it smells just as good as it looks. From the beginning, I told you that there is tons of original character in this home. And it is a great example here with this awesome stained-glass window. Welcome to the second floor. We have four bedrooms on this floor, two are larger than the other two and we have the main full bathroom. All of these doors are gorgeous. They’re paneled. Like this one is a six panel, some are five paneled. They’re just begging to be stripped and used. But I’m going to take you in to what I think is my favorite bedroom. It has these huge windows and really tall ceilings. This is a full bathroom, it is the only full bathroom in the house. And let me tell you, it is the sexiest bathroom I’m going to sell you this month. We have tons of original character in the bathroom and this is what subway tile used to look like. Like I said, this house has six bedrooms. What I’m walking into is one of the smaller ones. It still has a closet, but it packs a pretty beautiful punch. This room and the front bedroom both have French doors walking out onto balconies. It offers some awesome living space out there. Sitting out there for summers, sitting out there in a rainstorm. It’s going to be awesome for morning coffee, as well. Welcome to the third floor. To review: we have a half bath on the main floor and a full bath on the second floor. And so up here we have two bedrooms to my left and right. We need a bathroom, right? So right behind me is a walk-in closet that would be perfect. Check it out. This is the last of the six bedrooms in this house and it’s humongous. We have three banks of windows here. Their gigantic, tons of natural light. This is an upstairs bedroom. Alright guys, I have to kick you out here. This is 6137 Westminster in Skinker DeBaliviere. It’s a six bedroom, one and a half bath and she needs a little love. So, call me if you have any questions. Again, my name is Amie Hannah and I’m with Three Doors. Now get out.