About Three Doors

Throughout history, doors and doorways have served as a metaphor for opportunities and choices.  Three Doors means “more doors, more options.”  With our collaboration of agents and investors and vendors working together, we provide more value for everyone our network serves.

A Unique Collaboration of Three Groups

  • Real Estate Brokerage

    Local real estate agents offering clients several solutions when buying and selling homes.

  • Investment Company

    An investment team that is actively buying and selling properties.

  • Affiliate Investors

    Individual investors running their own investment companies utilizing our education and resources.

Sarah Schulte

Office Administrator / Licensed Agent

Phone: (314) 571-9225

E-mail: sschulte@threedoors.com

Ross Belt

Licensed Agent

Phone: (636) 893-5600

E-mail: rossbelt@beltpropertiesstl.com

Kenton Coffman

Senior Real Estate Specialist / Former Army Officer

Phone: (314) 435-3919

E-mail: kcoffman@threedoors.com

Kevin Dairaghi

Professional Problem Solver

Phone: (314) 413-3607

E-mail: kdairaghi@threedoors.com

Kevin Darr

Licensed Agent

Phone: (314) 780-3090

E-mail: kdarr@threedoors.com

Adam Droege

Licensed Agent

Phone: (314) 807-0848

E-mail: adroege@threedoors.com

Michelle Droege

Licensed Agent

Phone: (314) 807-2698

E-mail: mdroege@threedoors.com

Elise Dye

Systems Manager

E-mail: edye@threedoors.com

Kory Hannah

Project Manager

Phone: (573) 280-7561

E-mail: khannah@threedoors.com

Darren Hoefgen

Director of Network Partners

Phone: (314) 909-3303

E-mail: dhoefgen@threedoors.com

Amie Hull

Licensed Agent

Phone: (660) 582-1714

E-mail: amie.hannah@outlook.com

Sheri Kelley

Investor / Agent

E-mail: skelley@threedoors.com

Debbie Kopinski

Accounting Specialist

E-mail: dkopinski@threedoors.com

Jim Manning

Real Estate Broker

E-mail: jmanning@threedoors.com

Dee McMillion

Licensed Agent

Phone: (636) 362-6I55

E-mail: dmcmillion@threedoors.com

Michael Oliver

Acquisitions Specialist

Phone: (636) 556-0372

E-mail: moliver@threedoors.com

Katie Sarikas

Licensed Agent

Phone: (314) 484-1126

E-mail: ksarikas@threedoors.com

Brittany Sheffer

Investor / Agent

Phone: (314) 540-7975

E-mail: bsheffer@threedoors.com

Dave Stelmacki

Senior Acquisitions Manager

Phone: (321) 945-6445

E-mail: dstelmacki@threedoors.com

Ryan Wessels

Licensed Agent / Investment Specialist

E-mail: rwessels@threedoors.com

Lindsay Wessels

Operations Manager

Phone: (314) 239-4975

E-mail: lwessels@threedoors.com