Three Doors Affiliate: Dave Stelmacki Testimonial

Hey, what’s up everybody. Dave Stelmacki here. I am a real estate investor with Three Doors here in St. Louis. Big shout out to all my real estate friends. I’m getting ready to leave on our big three-month adventure to Mexico. A lot of people have asked me, “How are you able to do that?”

And I’ll tell you why. I’m able to because I’m with a group like Three Doors. The Affiliate Program, what it does is it allows me to kind of stay in my lane and focus on buying houses. That’s the piece I like doing. And there’s an infrastructure and group in place to handle the rehabs, handle selling the properties, handle a lot of the other components so I’m not just a one man show handling all the components by myself. It even allows me to handle some components remotely while I’m out of town and then when I get back home, I can move back into the role that I was in and we can all work together as a team. It’s been a huge thing for me to be in the group and have all the contacts and everybody that is a specialist in their own particular areas. And the power of the group is unbelievable. It’s been unbelievable to help me achieve a big dream of mine and go on a big journey like this. I appreciate being part of the group and hopefully anybody that has aspirations to do something like this or something different that can come check us out and see how we can help.