Three Doors Affiliate: Jane Schwartz Testimonial

My name is Jane Schwartz. My company is Sunny & Bright Homes. I formed my company about a year and a half ago, in affiliation with Three Doors. The Three Doors affiliation for me has meant everything in my fledgling rehab career.

I’ve met people who can help me through the process. I’ve met people who have advised me. I’ve met friends. I feel like this group of people that I’m collaborating with now are helping me find plumbers and drywallers and tile guys and sourcing appliances and learning some of the backdoor stuff that I wouldn’t have known before. I wouldn’t have known to file an NOIS when I bought my property. The techniques that I’ve learned through the Three Doors affiliate actually led me to find this house. It’s been a great thing for me. My big “why” is to find free time and free up my finances and work hard for my return and that for somebody else’s return. So Three Doors has been a great thing for me and that’s what I’ve got to say.