Three Doors Affiliate: Terri Safdari Testimonial

Hi, I’m Terri Safdari and I am a part of the Three Doors Affiliate Program. We’re standing in one of my rehabs that I just finished, and I actually was able to purchase this home from one of the other affiliates in our group. Amazing opportunity to keep everything in-house.


Another one of the affiliates had listed the property. I contacted them, we were able to negotiate everything and work out some prices. They were very supportive and really were wanting me to get the house, so I think I had a little edge on being able to get the house above other people. But I got in this house, this was my first total gut rehab. The affiliates all helped me with negotiating and finding contractors for this home. I had not a lot of people on my team yet. I’ve expanded my team now. I found HVAC guys, I’ve got plumbers, I’ve got electricians, I’ve got stagers. I’ve got concrete people that are on my team now because of the Affiliate Program. It has helped this process so much, I don’t think I’d ever been able to do it by myself. It takes so much time looking for people and then also trying to negotiate with people and stuff. Being able to work with contractors that have already worked with our group and understand our process, makes things so much easier.