4 Tips To Selling an Inherited House

https://youtu.be/cYKd-7qvQ50 Avoiding Probate https://youtu.be/C_ZbSXn54SY

Common Inspection Items

If you don't sell your house as-is, it can be a big hurdle to overcome. Learn some common items in this video: https://youtu.be/o55bTdDfmls

Video Examples!!!

Here are some examples of property walkthrough videos that we have done to help us sell houses: More Doors, More Options! https://youtu.be/IWHRq1BuJeM https://youtu.be/fA66qoyAem4 https://youtu.be/yWz0lZWalpA https://youtu.be/W9Ace2RLluA https://youtu.be/pY6_r6Gad8Y https://youtu.be/luSaCQlqok0 https://youtu.be/IG2DgJJMqdU https://youtu.be/NwNuF745v38

Administrative Support

Join a growing real estate company that believes teamwork is the key to a successful company! Three Doors seeks a reliable Office Administrator that will undertake a variety of day-to-day administrative tasks to ensure that the rest of the staff has adequate support to work efficiently. The ideal candidate will be highly competent in prioritizing work and working with little supervision. He/She will

We Are Officially Three Doors!

St. Louis, MO, May 1, 2018 – STL Real Estate LLC (the “Company”) announced today that the Company will change its name to Three Doors. The name change represents the evolution of the business and sets the stage for a collaborative group of agents and investors to deliver exceptional real estate solutions nationwide. "Our clients know us as real estate agents or investors.

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